Sharing revolution

Sharing and Booking Apps are revolutionizing the business world – think Uber, Lyft or AirBnB.
shrebo let's your business apply the very models that drives the sharing economy today.

By sharing resources using smartphones, consumers and businesses collaborate as efficiently as never before,
world-wide. Sharing-services create new market opportunities and offer real economic benefits.

With shrebo's analytical sharing and booking technology
your business directly benefits from this trend today.

Start implementing your sharing business case now -- optimize cost and increase revenue.

shrebo co-mobility solutions and more

Apps by shrebo

Using Machine Learning and Big Data techniques shrebo optimizes your value chain:

  •  Analytical process optimization
  •  Logistics optimization
  •  Public transport optimization

Developers build sharing apps using our REST API, backed by our scalable booking and analytics platform.

shrebo also covers a range of sharing, booking and renting apps:

  •  Co-Mobility Solutions
  •  Bike Rental and Sharing
  •  Parking Space Booking and Sharing
  •  Fleet and Car Sharing
  •  Appointment Booking
  •  Conference Booking and Sharing
  •  Customized Sharing Communities
Co-mobility Solutions
Reservations, Rentals and Booking
Sharing Communities tailored to your needs
Conference Booking Apps
Bike Sharing
Be successful with social sharing